How to Modify Interior Sedan Car

For most people, modifying a car is not a necessity but rather a hobby. Most cars that are often modified are sedan type cars. This is done so that the look of the sedan car becomes more sporty and more trendy in terms of interior and exterior facets. To make this car modification, of course, the cost is not small. This is because the required interior components are relatively expensive. Here we will try to give a way to modify the interior of the car sedan to appear more sporty.

How to Modify Car Interior Type Sedan

The first thing to do is determine which interior part you want to modify. What is meant by modification here is to replace the existing interior or add some additional accessories such as LCD TV, stereo, and so forth. As much as possible make a list of items that will be modified. In addition the most important thing is to prepare enough budget to pay for modification services and also buy the components of the desired car interior.Interior sedan modification

There are some parts of the interior of the car most often modified for example car seats. For leather car seats are usually replaced with a patterned seat like the dual tone sedan. In the dual tone modification, the seat will be combined with two different colors. Usually will be used two contrasting colors such as a blend of soft colors and hard colors. For example, black and white or black with purple. In addition, can also use the seat with some motifs. For example diamond motifs or wajik motifs, so the car does not seem monotonous.

When you want to modify the interior of the car should be tailored to the exterior design as well. Therefore, before changing the interior design of the car should first change the exterior and then proceed to the interior. Do not let a mismatch between the appearance of the interior and exterior appearance because the cost is also not large.