Peeled All About Nissan X-Trail Cars

PT Nissan Motor launched the Nissan X-Trail Cars in August 2014 with the launch and the inaugural event of the Nissan X-Trail which was held very luxuriously in The Space Senayan City. Nissan X-Trail international version itself has been launched into the market in 2013 ago in the event of 2013 Motorshow Frankurt, following at the Tokyo Motor Show and Geneva Motor Show. And since Nissan Motor Indonesia assembles the Nissan X-Trail in CKD then due to manufacturing preparation and also research, the Nissan X-Trail was launched one year after its debut. Here’s a review of the Nissan X-Trail you should know.

Nissan X-Trail car has an interior design that is not much different from the interior design that carried the international version. Starting from the exact same light model without reducing the features, as well as the V-Shape grille is very typical with Nissan cars are also the same. The bumper display on the Nissan X-Trail looks perfectly perfect with a sharp indentation at the bottom of the foglamp that will provide excellent aerodynamic functionality. Plastic molding that comes from the front bumper, side to the rear gives a very handsome impression on the Nissan X-Trail.

Nissan X-Trail car uses a wheel with an 18-inch propeller model wrapped in a Dunlop Grandtrek 225/60 brand tires for the Nissan X-Trail variant of 2,500 cc CVT. As for the Nissan X-Trail variant of 2,000 cc will be pinned the smaller wheels are 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in the same brand of Dunlop Grandtrek 225/65. For the braking system, the Nissan X-Trail has been using four discs that use Anti Braking System technology, Brake Assist and Brake Distribution Electronik. Nissan X-Trail car 2017

Nissan X-Trail car also features Vehicle Dynamic Control or VDC, Hill Start Assist, Active Trace Control and Active Ride Control that will be needed in driving. On the latest Nissan X-Trail will be found a small camera which is located just below the Nissan writing on the Nissan logo on the front grill. In addition, the small camera will also be found on the right and left of the mirror. The camera has a very important function that can be said as the eyes of All Round Monitor that can be seen in the monitor head unit.

Nissan Indonesia car manufacturers are working on the Nissan X-Trail project very seriously, it proves that Nissan Indonesia is targeting sales of 1,000 units per month. Where exactly the target is arguably very high for mid-size SUV class in Indonesia. Competition with its competitors seems to also become a separate reason why the target is considered very ambitious.

With the target that has been announced will Nissan X-Trail this triumphant? Probably, because with the tagline Nissan X-Trail car is quite affordable and with various advantages that make Nissan X-Trail is now become the best-selling SUV in Indonesia. Based on car sales data released by Gaikindo or the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association, the SUV segment is controlled by Nissan X-Trail. Currently Nissan X-Trail is priced at quite affordable, around Rp 355 million to Rp 403 million. So few reviews and a brief review of Nissan X-Trail in Indonesia, may be useful.