13 Examples For A Patio To Be Envied

13 Examples For A Patio To Be Envied

Sunbathing, reading a book, enjoying a bit of relaxation from work, resting, swimming in the pool … these and many more are the activities that summer finally allows us, and that it would be perfect to be able to do in one Modern, orderly and super organized outdoor space! There are people who, although they have an outdoor patio, do not care much about it, neglect it, deprive it of decorations, plants and originality …

In this book of ideas, however, we propose 13 beautiful examples to keep in mind to make your patio a little wonder, no matter whether it is a large or more spacious space! Let’s see them together!

Rustic but .. with jacuzzi

Who says rustic style and luxury can not live together Try to take a look at this image, where wood, present in every corner jual rumput sintetis, is the undisputed protagonist. The curtains and fabrics feature a delicate white, while a lady jacuzzi will delight guests.

Modern and straight lines

This patio is a real wonder. The straight lines make it a modern and minimalist design, perfectly contemporary and captivating. The design furnishings and a narrow and long pool finally complete the essence. There is nothing to say, there is room for everything!

A luxury entrance

There is little to say, with a fa├žade like this your neighbors will not be able to remain enchanting every time they pass by. A simple exterior, with a natural stone path leading to the entrance and a play of lights that make it cozy and captivating.

Purity and style

We would not know how to define this image in one word, rather it would take hours to describe the beauty. Yet the purity and elegance of its shapes is at first glance, resulting in a wonderful cover house. A tranquil landscape, a flourishing vegetation and a gorgeous turquoise pool give the ultimate touch.

A country atmosphere

If you prefer a more natural style, this garden is what it is for you. Many times in fact, a pool can seem trivial and desirable, while a small pond gives a completely different and very natural air … a place to dream.

Luxury in its utmost splendor

In this patio, luxury becomes practically tangible, thanks to both lights and decorations. It counts for a beautiful dining area which is accessed through a gravel and slate path, while around it there is a beautiful vegetation and a dream pool.