Budri Marble Eyewear Arriving The First Marble Glasses

Budri Marble Eyewear Arriving The First Marble Glasses

Budri, the Italian Artists’ Artistic Atelier, looks at the Eyewear world with a unique design of years of study and technological research the first marble glasses to come.

It seems impossible but it is not soon we can wear marble goggles frame kacamata rayban super. To sign them is the Budri, an Italian reality specializing in marble top-notch inlays that is not new to luxury-related projects (Bulgari’s marble rings).

The collection fashion, called Budri Marble Eyewear, consists of a first icon model called Ego and four other models, two men and two women, respectively sun and view. The most striking feature is their lightness, the result of years of marble-marble experiments. It combines the craftsmanship of the workings obtained from the selection of precious plates, unique in their beauty, which are cut and worked with profound wisdom by making each model exclusive and not replicable. Another plus is the possibility of choosing from the optician, directly from the proposed palette, the type of marble you want to make your own glasses.

The official world launch will take place during the next Silmo, the eyewear show from 26 to 29 September in Paris. Here you can also admire the exhibition space signed by famous Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola who has been working with the company for years. We just have to wait for them!

Dior 2014 Bags, the Spring Summer Collection

Dior has presented the new Spring Summer 2014 handbag collection, a very original line that meets the needs of sophisticated but fashionable women the most beautiful models No doubt the various revisions of the two icons of the maison Lady Dior and Miss Dior.

Only a few months ago, Dior presented the new Spring Summer 2014 handbags collection once again on the iconic model of the maison that for the occasion was reinterpreted, renewed and even reinvented, leaving inspiration from the most popular fashion trends of the season. A literally lively collection, by no means banal, that offers interesting reading keys without forgetting the classic inspiration that has always characterized most of Dior’s fashion collections.

Miss Dior and Lady Dior are always halfway between the tradition of the famous fashion house and the desire to renew to meet the demands of a sophisticated but fashionable woman who loves to show accessories of a certain thickness but without giving up ‘Eccentricity of the most crazy season trends.