Many Plants And A Portable BBQ In House

Many Plants And A Portable BBQ In House

If you have a small terrace as in this image, try eliminating the excess elements less is more! Yes, in any outside space that is respected, plants are fundamental, though small and in pot. A simple table with two chairs, a small bench and, why not, a portable barbecue! When it is not in use, you can close it to avoid bulging or occupy too much space.

A kitchen-bar

If you are having lunch dinner with your friends, why not build a small outdoor kitchen or a simple bar This option is ideal to avoid having to go back and forth with food and drink as well as make it all the more fun; You can have very simple and more sophisticated options, as in this image.

A sofa made of pallet

An economical and easy-to-carry idea is to build garden furniture with pallets. In this case we see a beautiful white couch, but you can create other furnishings with pallets, including tables, chairs and even beds. As for coloring, you can leave it to the natural or paint it as you like it. This is a viable alternative to all pockets and (almost) all spaces.

The pool of dreams


Maybe it’s time to build that pool you’ve always dreamed of, do not you think If you have enough space to make it, consider the various alternatives at your fingertips as you may find very attractive prices. If you opt for such a job, as we see in this beautiful picture, do not be hesitant, but be aware that you will be greatly exalting your home.

Barbecue a little bigger!

Few things are more desired than a barbecue in the spring and summer with our family and friends. If you love grilled meat and vegetables, you can not help but have a barbecue in your home. Of course, the choice is vast large, small, in different materials, expensive, cheap … there are all tastes and wallets!


The lighting

Finally, few things are decisive in an outside environment as good lighting. This area of ??ours, as well as all the interiors, we do not exploit it only during the day but also in the evening. Therefore, a well-lit courtyard becomes a fantastic place to enjoy an intimate and pleasant dinner; Also, we recommend that you dislocate light spots in different parts of the environment to create a refined and relaxing atmosphere.