Gucci Handbags 2014, The Spring Summer Collection

Gucci Handbags 2014, The Spring Summer Collection

Gucci handbags 2014, the spring summer collection where the undisputed protagonist of the elegant models of the maison is the color yellow, blue, blue, red and fuchsia. Browse the gallery and discover the perfect purses for your summer look.

For the Spring Summer 2014 handbag collection sewa perlengkapan bayi, Gucci offers an explosion of color bright colors on various evening and daytime models to be glamorous and fashionable in all your summer looks.

The most appreciated nuances are blue, yellow,red,maroon fuchsia and red in various shades and shades, with the addition of the python fantasy on the tones of red and pink for the most refined and chic models.

The collection features handbags of varying sizes, ranging from maxi shopping bags to handbags, clutch bags, all very versatile and think for both evening look and light everyday outfits.

Among the protagonist models we have the Bamboo line, characterized by a double bamboo handle applied to bags very different from each other product brands. It goes from medium-sized shopping bag to colorful leather, to variations on the theme with the New Bamboo, smaller in size with leather or leather shoulder strap. Very original are also Bamboo nouveau fringe, small leather or suede handbags, characterized by long fringes. Finally, in the same line we find the Hip Bamboo, more classic black leather handbags, white or dark orange, shoulders or clutches.

Versatile and romantic is the Soho line, which plays with delicate but also decisive nuances on many different models the Soho shoulder, with different shapes and sizes, ranges from denim to python, from soft leather to leather Metallized and understated, always keeping that sophisticated style that characterizes the creations of the Gucci maison. Then you get to the Soho disco bag, bags with smaller leather strap, ostrich or colored varnish.

The Swing line also features bright colors, red, blue, yellow and fuchsia solid colors. Capacious and fun are an original accessory that enlivens your sporty looks, even if you fit a jeans and a top.

Finally we find the Emily line, with the timeless Gucci logo printed on leather, fabric and paint; Here we are presented with chain and gold, blue and beige shoulder.

In our gallery you can find a taste of Gucci 2014 handbags collection, dive into the hottest colors and models must have spring summer 2014 to find the perfect accessories for your summer outfit.