The Triangle Of Exposure And The Three Metaphors

The Triangle Of Exposure And The Three Metaphors

When we talk and play with the show, one must always pay attention to three factors that directly affect the show itself

1. ISO, ie sensitivity of the digital camera sensor light.
2. OPEN, ie the aperture size of the lens aperture at the time the photo is taken
3. SPEED OF THE ENGINE, ie the time during which the camera shutter remains open during the shutter release.

These three parameters can be graphically represented by a triangle

The intersection of the three elements placed at the top of the triangle determines the final result of our photo. Moving one of the vertices or changing one of the three parameters will change the whole structure of the triangle sewa sound system jakarta, thus conditioning the final aspect of our photography. So it is good that whenever we make a click, we pay attention to how the three values ??are related to each other. Let us also remember that our camera, especially if it is reflexed, will help us not to play with the exposure triangle third party rule, for example, allows to correctly proportion the speed of the shutter and diaphragm and the same processor will always keep Considering the sensitivity of the sensor, that is, the ISO. Since we do not work in a totally manual mode, the exposure triangle is kept by our machine, of course, to extrude one or more of the three vertices.
To further deepen this topic, refer to the following articles that are always part of the course of photography Exposure, Diaphragm and Shutter The Rule of Reciprocity, Time Priority, Opening Priority, ISO.

The triangle of exposure The Window

Your camera is like a window with two darks that we can open or close. The dark openers correspond to the maximum opening of the diaphragm the room fills with light and so the sensor is hit by more light. The time you use to close the darks is instead the time of shooting the more you are slow to close the window altogether, the more time the room (and the sensor) will be lit. And the ISO They are the sunglasses you wear having the darks completely open and having so much light in the room, you will need to wear dark glasses to reduce the sensitivity of the eye and then see it well. The dark glasses correspond to low ISO. If the darks are not totally open though, you will probably not be able to see well with the darker glasses and you will be forced to use less dark lenses or remove the glasses (ISO high).