Conclusion And About Power Bank Lumsing Review

Conclusion And About Power Bank Lumsing Review

The Lumsing 10400 is a power bank that we feel like promoting without and without it. In short, it has a very nice design, a persuasive portability and performance that is superior to the average. It’s also great value for money as it’s affordable on Amazon for only 17.99 €! But it’s not over here, in fact by using our discount code you can also lower the price of 2.70 € (-15% off its already discounted price) so when purchasing you just have to use the 6JY9XFBU discount code to qualify for this additional And interesting depreciation.

Very similar to what we can get with its normal charger and it confirms that even in this case the 10400 mAh Lumsing has behaved really well!

If we want to find the hair in the egg the only thing we look slightly negative teknorus, I repeat … slightly negative … concerns the recharging of the power bank itself. In fact, the accessory takes a relatively high number of hours (approx. 6) to recharge itself by having a 1.5A Micro USB input. However, this defect is common in many other power banks, so its charging speed can only be considered fully in the average.


Again, the magnetic force is extremely strong, so strong that it never moves the device under any circumstances, whether vertical or horizontal. The magnetic attachment detachment of the device makes it possible to take the device in hand when you exit or enter the machine in less than a second, with the only obvious defect that you can not orient your smartphone tablet as you want As the attack is fixed.
In conclusion, I strongly encourage you to recommend this accessory to all WebTrek readers, it will make life a little easier.

Hopefully this feature will be enhanced by the next top of LG range. Additionally, there is no way to create a time-lapse video this is also a significant lack that could increase the potential of the G4 camera.

Even the 8Mpx front camera behaves very well, and although there is a bit too much noise in the nighttime, every day it is able to take really nice pictures. Convenient gesture for selfies Quickly opening and closing the left fist, the front camera will take a photo 3 seconds after the movement. We leave you to a photo gallery of photos that we took with the LG G4!