Important Things When Changing Aftermarket Muffler

Muffler is one component of Car and Motor that serves as the disposal of burning remains from the combustion chamber. Changing the exhaust is one of the most common modifications by Car or motorcycle owners. As for the reason because the aftermarket response looks more stylish and can also improve performance.

Doing aftermarket exhaust muffler should not be arbitrary. There are at least some things to consider. According to George, an owner of Benghkel specialist exhaust AG Motor, the first thing to note is the matter of conformity.

“Adjust the exhaust with the type of car. For example, if the car is Mercy, good to wear Brabus exhaust, “he said. Aftermarket Muffler

After that then consider the materials used, whether the condition of the muffler is neat, smooth in the process, including also on the filter or catalic converter that is inside.

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“Look at it from the welding joint. If digerinda means less good workmanship, aesthetic less. See also the ingredients. If now the most common that use stainless steel let me not rust, “added Georde.

It added, that the most important thing is the selection of sound according to taste. Usually the sound factor that most determine a person to choose the exhaust of what model.