How Medical Tourism Spread

Medical tourism is now more popular than ever, using over 50 countries named as a hot destination and tens of thousands of tourists flocking new places to visit and get treated. The concept is actually not a new one since people from the ancient times used to move out of their location of origin to see well-known healers and areas in different nations. Now, you can find the benefits of getting the best medical assistance, plus a holiday to boot.

About the Concept

The first documented occasion of medical tourism was thousands of years back when Greek pilgrims moved all through the Mediterranean towards Epidauria, a minor land in the Saronic Gulf. Epidauria was seen by thousands of people every year, for cases like fever, bone problems, heart disorders, skin disease and a lot more. It was the very first travel destination for medical tourism.

Through the years, sanitariums and spa cities were also constructed and became the first types of medical tourism. Patients visited the spa towns throughout the 1700s to acquire mineral water that’s thought to boost health and cure problems such as bronchitis, gout and liver ailments.

Getting Popular

Several factors triggered the vast popularity of medical tourism. Primarily the increasing cost of health care had folks asking if there were other areas where they can receive the identical sort of therapy without the huge expense. The following was the very long waiting periods and many requirements before they may be handled or even diagnosed. Modern medical tourism destinations supply sufferers only a portion of the cost they expect to pay at their community hospital.

They can also enjoy other state-of-the-art and quality accommodations, and receive their dream holiday at precisely the exact same time. Some destinations are famous for treating patients such as royalty, so everything will be taken care of. You’ll be provided with a comprehensive program of activities, so you don’t waste your time waiting in line or operating everywhere to get the necessary documents for your process.

More Reasons

Medical tourism continued to disperse as the cost of global travel became much more economical. The tech and care standards in several countries, especially in Asia have improved significantly in the last decade, making the institutions highly competitive against the very best in the United States. Medical tourists typically come from the United States, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations, because folks from such areas normally have more cash to invest when visiting third world countries.

Pros calculated 1.5 million Americans traveling in 2008 for treatment abroad. The United Kingdom currently advertises more about health tourism in comparison with the United States. Canadians preferred the very fast medical waiting period at different destinations. Some procedures are even more suitable when completed outside the United States or even Europe.