6 Top footballer who Perform Plastic Surgery

With plenty of money, a top football player could do anything to change and maintain its appearance. One of them with plastic surgery.

However, not all plastic surgery done at the request. There also are forced to do so due to injury. Didier Drogba , for example. Former Chelsea striker had to undergo surgery on his face as a result of collision with Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy in the air.

One of the top soccer players are touted often perform plastic surgery is Cristiano Ronaldo . Save Real Madrid was doing so after joining Manchester United in 2003.

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6. Rene Higuita

Eccentric goalkeeper Rene Higuita is Colombian national team. Goalkeeper nicknamed El Loco is famous for kalajungking kick when Colombia face England in a friendly at Wembley Stadium in 1995.

In 2005, Higuita conduct operations in a television program to improve her appearance. “I’m tired of being ugly, I want to be a handsome Rene,” he said at the time.

The UK’s The Guardian, covering such operations reported Higuita surgery of the nose, chin implant silicone, peeled, cut eyelid skin, liposuction, and increased abdominal muscles.

After a month in isolation Higuita revealed his new look. “My body is perfect,” he said.

5. Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has been named the worst player in the Premier League. To improve performance, the captain of the English national team is often likened to a cartoon ugly, Shrek, the bald-headed and had a strange ears.

To overcome baldness, Rooney doing hair transplants. “I’m going bald at the age of 25, why not. I’m happy with the result,” said Rooney on the results of a hair transplant.

In addition, Rooney also had undergone plastic surgery to remove the scar on his forehead torn. The wound was obtained after he clashed with his colleague at Manchester United (MU) Phil Jones.

4. Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba was forced to undergo treatment in hospital as a result of collision with Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy. The incident occurred in August 2011 when he was with Chelsea.

He was lying with a bloody nose in the field due to collision with Ruddy in the air. Had received treatment about seven minutes on the pitch, Drogba then stretchered off.

While undergoing treatment at the hospital, Drogba forced to undergo plastic surgery to fix his face as a result of the collision.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most interesting footballer because of his good looks. No wonder so many young women who want to be his girlfriend.

However, Ronaldo would take many years to change his face. Real Madrid and the Portuguese national team did not hesitate to spend thousands of pounds to keep his good looks with plastic surgery.

Ronaldo doing plastic surgery to change the forehead, nose, and teeth. One of the renowned plastic surgeon, Alex Karidis, Ronaldo expenditure estimates of the year for about 2,000 pounds forehead treatment.

Meanwhile, to remove the lines around the nose and mouth, Ronaldo is expected to spend 1,500 pounds. To his teeth, he took out 800 pounds for for taking care of one tooth.

2. Ronaldinho

Ronaldo is one of the world’s best footballers. In addition to his ability on the pitch, the Brazilian legend is also famous smile.

But Ronaldinho always dhiasi a smile with teeth protruding from the spark plug. To eliminate the tonggosnya teeth, the former Barcelona star was decided to perform the operation.

Assisted by surgeons from Brazil, Ronaldinho finally perform plastic surgery to remove the tonggosnya teeth. The cost involved former Paris Saint-Germain by 40 thousand pounds, or approximately USD 727 million.

1. David Beckham

Appearance and handsome David Beckham always be in the spotlight. Only the surgeon and his wife, Victoria, who knows Beckham had plastic surgery or not.

David Beckham is a soccer superstar whose appearance and good looks always be in the spotlight. Style former Manchester United player is always changing every year to follow the trend.

With the strapping athletic body and a pretty face, the appearance of Beckham always looks okay. Although he was already entering 41 years, no signs of aging in the face.

Rumors say that if the former England captain was doing plastic surgery to maintain her appearance. However, there is no evidence if Beckham did it. Only the surgeon and his wife, Victoria, who knows Beckham underwent plastic opetasi or not.