How to Make Masks Mango and benefits for the Face

Do you ever wear a face mask made of mango? if you have not then there is no harm if you try to use a mask occasional mango. How to make a face mask of mango is spelled out very easy and simple so I’m sure you can make it yourself at home.
Face masks of the mango is not too popular as avocado mask, mask yam masks and other fruits, but even so you do not need to doubt the benefits of masks mango is because in addition to help brighten the skin, the mask mango can also help eliminate blackheads and black spots which exist diwajah you.
How to Make mango Face Mask
Now, before we discuss how to make a face mask of mango then please you see in advance what are the benefits of mango for skin beauty.

Mango Benefits For Skin

1. Brighten Face
The first benefit is what you get when the mango is routinely wear masks can make the face becomes brighter and brighter. The content of vitamin A contained in mango can help restore, rejuvenate the cells of our skin so dark spots or blemishes on the face of existing acne scars can disappear quickly.
2. Reduce Blackheads
Blackheads is one of the most common problems experienced by most people. Although it may seem trivial but these blackheads can not leave it for the long run will make us face becomes unattractive. Well, one way to get rid of blackheads that exist on the face can be by using a mask mango. Mango mask will not only make your face becomes brighter, but also can expel existing blackheads on the face, nose and other parts of the skin.
3. Prevent Aging
In addition to eliminating blackheads, which further benefits mango mask for the face is able to prevent premature aging. Premature aging is a very frightening specter especially for women because it would make them look older than their actual age. Mango can protect the skin from free radicals and also helps the skin to fight the signs of aging such as wrinkles and wrinkles.

4. Sensitive Skin
For those who have sensitive skin then no need to worry and fear for mango mask is very safe for sensitive skin and do not cause facial allergies.
5.  Cool Skin Sunburn
Then the benefits of further mango mask is able to help brighten and cool sunburned skin so it is suitable for use on the afternoon of the day when you finish the move.

How to Make a Mask Mango

1. The first way
The first way that you can try is to use the mango skin. This method is easy and simple that you are only required to prepare one last ripe mango fruit peeled and grab the skin. Mango skin rubbing the inside of your face evenly for 15 minutes and then leave it alone sebentar.Setelah it, just wash your face.
This method is able to help treat and cools your skin burned by the sun and brighten your facial skin back.
2. Both Ways
Then how to make mango second mask is added to a mixture of honey and olive oil. How to make it very simple, you just refine mango taste and add one tablespoon of honey san one tablespoon of olive oil. Stir until ingredients are well blended third and then a new use as a face mask.
The mango Apply the mask on your entire face evenly and then leave it alone for 15 minutes. After that, rinse your face with clean water. A mixture of mango, honey and olive oil can help make your face fresh and lifted back into the dirt stuck in the pores of your face.
3. The Third Way
How to make mango third mask is also quite simple and straightforward. You simply provide a ripe mango and a scoop of powdered milk. Puree the mango fruit is ripe and then mix with a spoon of milk powder, stir until they are well blended.
Apply on face masks and give a little mango massage in a circular motion. Allow the mask for 10 minutes and then wash your face. Mango mask with a mixture of powdered milk is able to remove dead skin cells and blackheads that there is the face you.
That’s how to make a mask mango and benefits for the face. How many was not a mango for skin beauty benefits us? nah, sometime I will discuss the benefits of mangoes for health.