Should I talk to my boyfriend not to get plastic surgery?

I think you’re on the right path. It was her body and her choice.

Allowed to get a reservation. Good if you feel your boyfriend cantic and not need it, and great if you want to appreciate the choice, it’s her body and her rights.  lana del rey plastic surgery 

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My advice? Ask yourself some tough questions about why you hated plastic surgery and why her boyfriend wanted to modify the scares. Are you afraid of the risk of surgery? Another operation took the risk and I am not a professional in the medical field, but when you fear for his safety, it might be better if you discuss not only with him, but with people are dissecting as you can understand these risks.

Are you afraid that plastic surgery will change his personality? Some people fear that after plastic surgery will “be someone else” significantly. People have the idea that someone plastic surgery to be selfish, or they become useless thereafter. They fear that the partner is not the same man anymore …

Are you afraid that if he got the procedure and get yourself in how it looks courage, he would leave because he could do better? That’s not an irrational fear, the fear that I think a lot of people have it, but if you feel you have to say to him.

There are others, I’m sure. But really examine your motives and ask what worried.

I will not tell if you do not change the plastic surgery. For me, minor cosmetic procedures can make a HUGE change in my life. Something worrying constantly and source of embarrassment, lost, and needed her negative self-esteem. For me, close to four years since my surgery and I only regret not doing earlier. My wife is very supportive, and he noticed a difference in me as well. He loved me before and still now. I am more than happy. I do not get the same reaction every morning wake up and look in the mirror I’ve seen before.

For me, personally, I have seen plastic surgery can be very positive. For your girlfriend, probably the same. It’s her body and her choice.

Three final points:

Although she get plastic surgery or not, over the years relationship with him, her body will change (yours too) He will remain the same on the inside, and that person is a person who has a relationship with you. Do not stress

Whatever you do, do not approach him with chatter about the operation by saying something close to “if you do so, I might leave” That would tend to be abusive insulting.

Trim your honest with your feelings is accepted. Talk about your fears and doubts about a positive thing and adults. My suggestion is, after you obroli feelings and doubts are to be discussed, not with the intention to talk to another, but to explore your feelings and open to the feeling of replacing it. Tell him you love him, tell him that you support him, and ask him to help you with feelings of fear and doubt that you can do it. Believe me, after the operation, she will need your support. I know that there is nothing more for me than waking up with a caressing my wife sitting next to mattress and told me that all was fine.