Aromatologic is an exclusive brand of perfume oil fragrances and scented products crafted by top quality ingredients. After extensive research and development, Aromatologic has encoded the secrets of the long Eastern tradition in perfumery and body care and applied them in a wide offering of contemporary premium oil-based fragrances and scented products for bath and home.

Exploring the most primal of human senses, the sense of smell, Aromatologic traces the archetypal yet personal logic of the aromas, showcasing 15 exquisite scents bottled in award winning luxurious packaging, inspired by the ancient wisdom of numbers and the art of the collective imagination.

These pure, 100% oil-based aromas blend with each person’s natural smell to create a unique, intense, and particularly long lasting aromatic effect. Moreover, thanks to the presence of organic extracts and highly beneficial minerals, the top quality formulas created by the company’s field researchers and fragrance experts treat the skin to a scented blend of refined cosmetic principles.

Introducing Aromatologic in Europe, our vision is to spread the perfume oil philosophy globally, inviting consumers to discover a world full of original alluring scents and indulge in an unprecedented aromatic experience.

Aromatologic is the code name for the inner logic of the senses, their evocative power and special time relevance. Studying carefully the gift of smell, Aromatologic has traced its inner function into the human brain; one linked with autobiographical memory, emotions, feelings and bodily sensations.

This “logic of the aromas” is distinct and yet familiar, archetypal and yet personal. Aromatologic has followed the traces of smell in the philosophical quests, the arithmetic science, the numerical systems and the alchemical traditions of the East; and it has also explored it in the psychological researches, the neurological advances, the biochemical discoveries, and even the art wonders of the West.

Aiming to keep the whole process simple, sophisticated, indefinable, suggested by numbers rather than described by words, Aromatologic encourages perfume aficionados to become their own “scent curators and collectors” and decide on their favorite code of fragrances, which reflects their personality most, by using the abstraction and universality of numbers which transcend the barrier of languages.

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