The Logic of Aroma

Exploring the most primal of human senses—the sense of smell—Aromatologic expresses the archetypal yet personal logic of aroma, a logic that brings together memories, emotions, feelings and bodily sensations.

Perfume oil is a highly concentrated, alcohol-free fragrance that is combined with beneficial oil and organic extracts.


Perfume Oil

The pure, 100%-oil base of these highly concentrated fragrances lets the scent molecules blend with each person’s natural scent to create a unique, long-lasting aromatic experience. They release a rich, intense, yet subtle aroma, unmistakably present but never overpowering.

Just one drop of perfume oil and hours later people will still ask you what perfume you’re wearing.


Scents Count

Perfume oils are a series of 15 unique aromas inspired by the ancient wisdom of numbers and the art of the collective imagination.

Every scent corresponds to a number and every number has a distinct image created by a different artist.

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