Terms of Sale

The terms of sale concerning the products of AROMATOLOGIC, are stipulated in this page.


1.1. The “Terms of Sale” constitute a contract (agreement) between the customer and AROMATOLOGIC SA (hereinafter called the “Company”). The company “AROMATOLOGIC ANONYMI EMPORIKI ISAGOGIKI EXAGOGOGIKI AROMATON ELEON KAI KALLYNTIKON” – (AROMATOLOGIC PUBLIC TRADE IMPORTER EXPORTER OF FRAGRANCES ESSENCES AND COSMETICS) – based in the Municipality of Kifisia of Attica (40, Kyriazi str.) has been legally registered in the GENERAL REGISTER (GEMH), under the number 12166801000 and is holding a TAX REGISTRATION NUMBER (A.F.M.) 800422561 of the INLAND REVENUE SERVICE (D.O.Y) FAE of Athens.

1.2. Following every order placed in AROMATOLOGIC, the customer agrees that is bound by the Terms of Sale and the Return Policy of the Company.

1.3. By selecting the button “Buy it”, the customer initiates the ordering process of the preferred Company product, which at its conclusion and upon its acceptance by the Company, entails the customer’s requirement for the payment of the products.

1.4. The customer is protected by the provisions of the Customer Protection Law, in the particular sense regarding the defective products, their incorrect description, or the possibility of cancelling the contract.

1.5. The Company reserves the right to modify the present Terms of Sale, without any prior notice. Any amendments on the present Terms of Sale effected after the submission of the order by your customer, will not apply on the particular customer and on this specific order only.

2. Purchase Charges

2.1. All product prices are listed in the website analytically, including the VAT applicable. The prices are shown to the customer prior to buying them and during the order confirmation. The prices may change at any moment, but the changes will not affect the particular order of the customer.

2.2. The shipping costs are shown separately and they are added on the total amount due, prior to the completion of the order.

2.3. Following the placement of the order by the customer and clicking the button “Buy it” and after he/she has agreed to the present Terms of Sale, an email is to be received by the customer, confirming the receipt of the order and its details…However the Company reserves the right to reject your offer and to suspend the contract drafting. In the case the order is accepted, the customer receives another email confirming the acceptance. At this point the contract has been compiled.

2.4. In the case of an error, or omission regarding the description of the products, or their invoice, the company will do everything required, in order to have their early correction. In any event the company maintains the right to modify, to amend, to replace, to suspend and to remove any information concerning the products on sale, without prior notice.

3. Execution of the order

3.1. Upon receipt of the order, the customer is not able to modify any data of it (quantity and type of product, address, etc.). It shall be understood that the customer still maintains its right to council the order as per the law provisions.

3.2. The orders are dispatched within Greece and abroad, with the respective shipping costs for each case, as follows:

Shipping costs of order dispatched within Greece:

  • The shipping cost for the territory of Greece by courier is at €4,00 .
  • For every order involving payment on delivery, the cost for the territory of Greece is at an extra cost of €3,00 on top of the total shipping cost.
  • Free Shipping: If the value of the order is at one hundred Euro (€ 100) or more, then the goods are shipped to the customer at no extra charge.
  • The anticipated delivery time for shipping within the territory of Greece is 4-5 working days.

Shipping cost for orders within Europe:

  • The shipping cost by courier for countries in the territory of Europe is at €25,00.
  • The anticipated delivery time for shipping within Europe is 7-8 working days.
  • No shipping of orders to countries of America is possible.

3.3. The above-mentioned delivery times may change due to local holidays, transport difficulties, or any other events, for which the company is not held responsible (strikes, force majeure, etc.)

3.4. The customer takes the ownership of the products, immediately after their delivery to its address.

4. Order Cancellation

4.1. The customer reserves the right to cancel its order within 14 calendar days of the following day of the delivery by the following ways:

  • By completing and forwarding our standard form of withdrawal, available to you via an email confirmation message
  • By contacting us on the number 210-8086583
  • Via Post at the address stated in the Term 1.1, or
  • Via a notification delivered by hand.

4.2. The cancellation is not possible in the case the products package has been opened or/and the products have been used.

4.3. The customer should provide warranties that the products returned, due to an order cancellation, are not to be subjected to any damage during their transportation. The shipping cost in this case is charged to the customer. The return is made to the above-mentioned address and the Company undertakes their ownership, immediately after their delivery.

4.4. The products should have been returned to the Company within 14 calendar days from the day of the order cancellation.

4.5. Following the products return as per above, the amount paid by the customer, is reimbursed.

5. Return of defective products

5.1. The Customer reserves the right to return to the company – at its own expense – any defective products. In this case the customer has the right to request either the defective product to be replaced, or the refund of its money paid for this. The Company has the right to replace the product or to refund its amount, without demanding the return of the product.

5.2. The company has the right to reject the replacement or the refund of the purchase price, even to claim the shipping cost for the product return, in the case it is found that the products have been damaged after their delivery, or they have been used in a manner not complying with the existing instructions.

5.3. The relevant statement regarding the return should be submitted within a month following the time the product was delivered.

6. Liability

6.1. The Company takes the provision that its products on sale, are complying with the valid specifications of the applicable Greek and European Legislation.

6.2. Due to the nature of the products, it is recommended that the customers read read carefully all the ingredients contained in the product, as these are mentioned in the packages, so to avoid any possible allergic reactions.

6.3. “Liability” means the liability for any possible cause (including the breach of any contractual obligation, wrongdoing, fraud, remedy claim, or any other cuse) related or resulting from or in relation to the present Terms of Sale (including the liability provided explicitly pursuant the present Terms of Sale, or results due to the cancellation or invalidity of any term of the present terms of Sale).

6.4. The company, given the fact that these sales via e-shop concern private and domestic use, the company is not held responsible for:

  • Loss of income or revenues
  • Loss of real or expected profits (loss of profits),
  • Loss of business activities and
  • Indirect or consequential damage (and to avoid any doubt with the statement “consequential damage” we mean the “consequential damages, regardless if these concern damages foreseeable, known, predicted or others”).

6.5. In the same way, the company is not held responsible for any damage that may be caused in the case of an improper use of the product (per example, ingestion)

6.6. The Company shall not be held responsible for not meeting – in whole or in part – its obligations, since these are blocked or prevented by reason not subjected within its sphere of influence. In these cases the fulfillment of its obligations will be extended throughout the duration of the incident, having the customer notified about the obstacle.

7. General Provisions

7.1. The headers of the terms along with the titles of the Terms, serve purely reference purposes and they do not constitute part of the present Terms of sale, nor they affect their interpretation.

7.2. The present Terms of Sale shall never be interpreted as the formulation of a relationship of joint venture, company, or representation, between the customer and the company and no party has the right or the authority to undertake any liability, debt, or expenditure, or to conclude any contracts, or other agreements in the name or on behalf of the other.

7.3. No assignment, or award, or transfer of all or part of the customer’s rights, or requirements deriving from the present Terms of Sale, is allowed, without the prior written consent of the Company. The Company reserves the right to assign or to award by any other means, all or any of the rights or our liabilities, arising from the present Terms of Sale to any physical or legal entity.

7.4. The present terms of Sale shall not be substituted by an oral agreement between the customer and the company.

7.5. Failure to exercise the rights as provided by the present terms of sale within the given time frame, shall never be deemed as a waive of its particular right and it will not release the customer of any of its liabilities, in the framework of their application, nor can be considered as the usual practice for any future contracts.

7.6. Notifications: Unless otherwise stated in the present Terms of Sale, the notifications to any of the two parties will be made in writing, via email, or post to the address of the customer registered, on behalf of the company and to the base of the company, on behalf of the customer.

7.7. Should any provision of the present Terms of Sale held to be illegal, invalid, or void, this provision is to be removed by the Terms of Sale, without prejudice to the validity or applicability of the other terms.

7.8. In the case, where despite the efforts made the extra-judicial mechanism is not possible for resolving the dispute between the company and the customer, the present Terms of Sale (including all the non-contractual relationships between the company and the customer) should be governed by and interpreted, according to the Greek Law and both the contracting parties will fall within, as a result of the present, the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant competent courts of Athens.

8. Customer Support

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